What’s the difference between Magnetic Bell Boots and Pastern Wraps?

Questions and Answers: What's the difference between the magnetic bell boots and pastern wraps?

This question comes up periodically and it’s difficult sometimes to know which magnetic boot is best.

We can help you find the right product for your horse.

I hope the information below helps guide you through the minefield out there.

When a customer asks me ‘Which one should I choose, the magnetic bell boots or magnetic pastern wraps?’ the first question I ask is

‘Do you want to use them during turnout?’

If the answer is yes then the magnetic pastern wraps are the best option.

If the answer is no, you can choose either option for stable use.

When should I use the Magnetic Bell Boots?

If there’s something going on deeper in the foot, you might want to consider the magnetic bell boots because this will give the best coverage.

Magnetic bell boots in blue (front) by Equine Magnetix
Magnetic Bell Boots – Maximum coverage over the hoof

Whilst the magnetic pastern wraps worn around the pastern will be a good choice for the hoof area, we tend to recommend the magnetic bell boots if you’re going to use them in the stable.

The magnetic bell boots can be used for 12+ hours and overnight in the stable.

When should I use the Magnetic Pastern Wraps?

If you want to use the boots in the field, then the magnetic pastern wraps are the best option. Your horse can wear them 24/7 with a short daily break.

The magnetic pastern wraps are really versatile as you can position above or below the fetlock joint to target different areas.

Annie wearing her pastern wraps in the field
Annie wearing her ankle boots in the field
  • Below the fetlock can help with the pastern and hoof area
  • Above the fetlock can help the knee and stifle area

We’re sometimes asked if your horse can wear both of these boots at the same time? We recommend one or the other but not both as we feel this would be too much in the same area.


The magnetic bell boots are currently available in medium size which fits a pastern circumference of 23 – 26 cm.

The magnetic pastern wraps are available in 5 sizes from XS-XL.

See full details below:

Magnetic Product Measurements No of magnets Use for
Bell Boots – M 23 – 26cm 5 12hr+
Pastern Wraps – XS 16 – 19cm 3 24/7
Pastern Wraps – S 20 – 22cm 4 24/7
Pastern Wraps – M 23 – 26cm 5 24/7
Pastern Wraps – L 27 – 31cm 5 24/7
Pastern Wraps – XL 32 – 37cm 6 24/7

To find out more about these magnetic boots, click on the image carousel below.

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Magnetic Bell Boots


Magnetic Horse Boots

Magnetic Pastern Wraps


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Disclaimer: This article is based on the opinions of Magnetix Therapy Limited. The use of magnetic products is complementary and should not be used as a substitute for veterinary care. If you’re concerned about your horse or dog, please seek professional advice.

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