The benefits of wearing the Equine Magnetix rug for just one hour a day

Maggie's the best she's ever been!

EQUINE MAGNETIX RUG – Customer Feedback

‘Hi just wanted to say I imported a rug and neck cover from you earlier this year and love it. My mare has it on for an hour a day. Last week at the New Zealand horse of the year show she came runner up inhand pinto saddle Hunter of the year and took out the ridden pinto saddle Hunter of the year title.

I’ve owned Maggie for 3 years. When I bought her she was very grumpy and aggressive at times. I’ve been working with two chiropractors and a massage therapist over the past three years to get her right. In the first year we realised she had a hip displacement and two verbras under the saddles displaced. We had that fixed by one of the chiropractor that works with that sort of thing. She also has had a lot of trouble with her atlas joint.

Late last year she fell over in the paddock and displaced her sacrum which has also been fixed. I chose your cover because I wanted magnetics right down the sides as she has had tight muscles under her stomach. Same with the neck rug. Most only go over the topline. After a month of using the rug every day for an hour her massage therapist came out and it is the best she has ever been, her neck was so supple she would normally spend 30 mins just on her neck and it has made the two tears in the muscle on her rump start to heal. It makes her so relaxed while it’s on I often find her asleep in the stable when I go to take it off.’ Alana – New Zealand

Maggie’s owner Alana purchased the Equine Magnetix rug and neck piece.

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