Please find below a selection of testimonials from our customers.

harveyLaminitis – Meet Harvey

‘Hello, just wanted to say I bought the ankle boots about a month ago, and I have to say a massive thank you. These have been the best thing I have ever bought for my very laminitic shettie. I can’t believe the difference it has made with him, he has gone from barely able to walk to cantering around his little paddock. So pleased with the results. Thanks again.’ Emma – Jan 2016

Zoe & Polly’s Story…

Polly turns 24 years young in May and has a condition known as Nuchal Ligament Bursitis.

Polly wearing her Equine Magnetix Neck Piece
Polly wearing her Equine Magnetix Neck Piece

Zoe her owner has sent a lovely photo of Polly and says ‘My mare is loving her magnetic neck piece. The lump in her neck seems to have reduced, and she doesn’t twitch/flick half as much as she did when she first injured her neck. I would say it has definitely reduced her discomfort. I am now looking to save some pennies and invest in the rug so she can have a full body treatment! Think she deserves it. Highly recommend your product!’

Thanks very much Zoe for getting in touch and we’re really pleased Polly is doing so well!


Jo & Remi’s Story…

Remi wearing his equine magnetix rug
Remi is starting his eventing career this year

Here’s Remi featuring all the way from New Zealand! He looks fabulous wearing the full Equine Magnetix kit. Remi is a 10 year old English Riding Pony x TB.

His owner Jo says ‘we do dressage and show hunter and just about to start eventing this year so need him to be at the top of his game! The Magnetic kit out should help him recover with ease’

The Equine Magnetix rugs and boots are a great way to keep your horse supple and to help them cool down slowly after exercise.

Thanks very much Jo for being such a lovely customer and we wish you and Remi well for your 2015 eventing season!


Dora and Dayffd’s Story…

This is Daffyd and he’s 24 year old this month (March 2015). Daffyd loves life and competes in dressage. He survived cancer two years ago.

Daffyd competing at a local dressage competition
Daffyd competing at a local dressage competition

‘The  boots make such a difference we put them on our old boy for an hour yesterday before dressage and he was second in a class of 20 not bad for a 23 yr old!

Dora says ‘The oldies love their rug, you can feel a warmth from them also it’s great for under rug travelling it helps to loosen cold tight muscles you can see a looser more relaxed movement. Thank you will hopefully get another shortly’.

Thanks very much to Dora for sending in such a lovely photo.  Great to hear Daffyd’s giving the youngsters a run for their money!


 Donna & Rica’s Story…

Rica is originally from Portugal and she suffers from arthritis in her knees and hocks.

Rica's now being ridden again
Rica’s now being ridden again

Rica didn’t have the best start in life as she had been badly treated and nearly starved to death.   She was rescued by a riding club in Portugal. Whilst Donna was over there she fell for Rica and when she returned to the UK Rica came too!

Today Rica suffers from arthritis in her knees and hocks.  Donna use the magnetic ankle boots and magnetic rug. Rica’s responded so well she’s being ridden again!



 Charl & Inik’s Story…

Inik is cold backed and since wearing his Equine Magnetix rug Charl has noticed a massive difference.

Inik having a lovely rest wearing his Equine Magnetix rug
Inik having a lovely rest wearing his Equine Magnetix rug

‘It’s been a few weeks now since I bought my magnetic rug from you. I’d just like to thank you so much for offering such an amazing product.

My horse is so much easier to girth up and has really helped with his cold back issue. When I get on I feel he is easier to warm up, and so much more soft relaxed and supple.

Since he’s been wearing his rug I feel that his work has come on leaps & bounds and I’m really enjoying working him.

Again thank you… a very happy horse & customer!!


Georgie & Reggie’s Story…

Georgie is an event rider and competes her horse at CCI* and CCI**

Reggie wearing his Equine Magnetix Rug
Reggie wearing his Equine Magnetix Rug

‘I purchased an Equine Magnetix Rug in October 2013 and can not believe the difference it has made to my horses! Reggie (shown in the picture) has had a winter of dressage. Previously he had been very tense and found competitions quite a worry. I now travel him in the rug to competitions and he is considerably more chilled and has performed much much better.

Prior to using our Magnetix rug on Chase (my thoroughbred eventer) he was often very stiff when he first came out of his box and especially the day after an event – I am now delighted to say that he very rarely shows any sign of stiffness since using the rug. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending these rugs and needless to say all my horses use them both prior to exercise and immediately after – Super product, super design 10/10!’