Review – Magnetic Pastern Wraps Helped Josh

Josh a 21 yr old horse with arthritic stifles benefits from magnetic ankle boots

Do magnets work? Well, we receive a lot of fabulous feedback from owners and recently had our first video testimonial showing the results of magnetic therapy on Dawn’s horse Josh.

Owner Name: Dawn Haytree
Horse Name: Josh
Horse Age: 21
Product: Equine Magnetix® Pastern Wraps (formerly known as magnetic ankle boots)
Condition: Arthritic stifle joints

Do Magnets Work?

Dawn contacted me through Facebook after purchasing a pair of Magnetic Pastern Wraps, she couldn’t quite believe the results herself! Her 21 year old thoroughbred horse Josh who she has enjoyed hacking since he was seven, had been suffering from arthritic stifle joints, one worse than the other due to a kick 13 years ago.

Dawn noticed how Josh looked stiff and laboured when walking out on the hard ground this summer, but since using the Equine Magnetix® Pastern Wraps over a couple of weeks she noticed a massive improvement in Josh and the videos below taken by Dawn speaks volumes! They’ve been placed side by side so you can see the difference ‘Before’ and ‘After’ wearing the magnetic boots.

Josh now has a new lease of life, walking much more freely and wears his Magnetic Pastern Wraps 24/7.

Dawn commented:

“Really pleased so glad I bought them they’ve made a huge difference”.

Thank you to Dawn for kindly letting me share the videos, the difference is amazing!

Do you have an arthritic horse?

If so, you may want to try a pair of magnetic pastern wraps on your horse too? These boots can be worn above and below the fetlock joint and are ideal for turnout or stable use. They can be used for as little as 30 minutes to an hour before and after exercise and can be left on for longer periods of time. If you’d like to use them 24/7 then I recommend a short daily break from the treatment for an hour or so, so your horse can have a break from the treatment and you can check your horse’s legs. I also recommend removing the boots whilst you’re exercising your horse.

Read more about the Magnetic Pastern Wraps and find out how they could help your horse.

5 thoughts on “Review – Magnetic Pastern Wraps Helped Josh

  1. emandade says:

    I bought the magnetic ankle boots for my 21 year old Welsh D , he has arthritis and had started toe dragging and looking very stiff behind and although medicated I thought I would give these a try. He has been wearing them now for one week and what a difference , he looks much more comfortable and not as stiff, and the toe dragging has improved, he trotted up the field to me today looking fab ,I hadn’t noticed the slight swelling he had until he had worn the boots and felt the difference, I really didn’t think they would make any difference but I’m converted!! I will be buying another pair for his fronts as he has arthritis in his knees, I’m very impressed and my boy is definitely more comfortable, I would recommend these boots 100%

    • Sam Gilhooley says:

      Hi Emma, thank you so much for leaving this feedback. I’m really pleased to hear the magnetic ankle boots are helping your 21 year old Welsh D. That’s amazing that his toe dragging has improved and his swelling has reduced. Best wishes, Sam

  2. Sharon bushell says:

    I brought these ankle boots for my event mare as she was getting stiff in her hind leg after being stood still for a while, I am only into 4 days of using them and I have already noticed a difference following the instructions and only using for two hours a day, they are brilliant and I am very happy with my purchase, I am thinking of saving up for the magnetic rug

  3. Sally Moore says:

    WOW WOW WOW !!!
    I bought the magnetic ankle boots for my TB gelding (Cash) as he was very very stiff.
    I was advised to get the ankle boots to at least try.
    I didn’t think they would work, i can now say I am converted.
    1 week later & I can see a huge improvement in him. I honestly can’t believe the difference in walk & trot.
    I can see he’s much happier in himself too.
    I am very very impressed & will highly recommend others to use on there horses.

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