Product of the Month April 2015 – Equine Magnetix Rug

Magnetic horse rug in blue trim by Equine Magnetix

Are you ready for spring? 

Get competition ready with the Equine Magnetix rug

Discover the benefits of magnetic therapy. Front cover of the leaflet listing features: excellent for pre and post exercise, breathable lightweight mesh, over 80 unipolar magnets at 2000 gauss on the rug and a further 30 magnets on the neck piece

The competition season has started so why not get ahead of the game with the Equine Magnetix rug? Use pre and post exercise to alleviate tightness and stiffness.

Don’t forget… they’re great travel rugs too!

The magnetic rug can also be used for cold back issues, general tightness & stiffness, sacroiliac problems, arthritis, back issues, kissing spines, shoulder and stifle injuries.

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