Product Launch – EazeAway® Magnetic Clip

EazeAway® magnetic clip - worn on the back

Do you suffer from back pain, shoulder, hip or neck pain, arthritis, sciatica or a sports injury?

Find out how the EazeAway® Magnetic Clip can help…

wearing-eaze-away-magnetic-clipThis Clip is made from soft black leather, feeling so comfortable you don’t even know you’re wearing it! Each Clip has two strong neodymium magnets.

How to use

Attach onto your clothing or underwear so the magnet is placed against your skin at the area of discomfort.

For lower back pain, clip onto underwear or onto the top of your trousers or skirt for targeted pain relief.

It’s so versatile

There are so many places you can use this Magnetic Clip. Attach to short sleeve tops to treat your elbow and on supports for knee or ankle pain.

Here are some more ideas…

EazeAway Magnetic Clip attached to underwear for hip and lower back pain relief
Attach to underwear for hip and lower back pain relief
EazeAway Magnetic Clip attached to bra for mid back and shoulder pain relief
Use on a bra or vest targeting shoulders and upper back pain
EazeAway Magnetic Clip attached to shirt for neck and shoulder pain relief
Clip onto shirts and blouses for upper back, neck and elbow pain
EazeAway Magnetic Clip attached to a sock for ankle pain relief
For ankle or shin pain clip onto socks or injury supports

EazeAway magnetic clip shown in the packaging

The EazeAway® Magnetic Clip is the natural alternative for pain relief. Buy online at Priced at £22 each.

Have you used the EazeAway® Magnetic Clip already?  Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!


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