Meet Milo – retired obedience & agility dog

Border Collie, Milo wearing his magnetic collar

If your dog’s in their twilight years and you’ve noticed they’re less energetic, Milo’s story is definitely worth a read!

Dog’s Name: Milo
Age: Almost 10 years old
Product: Magnetic Dog Collar

Meet Milo, he’s a Border Collie and a retired obedience and agility dog

He’s always been an enthusiastic energetic dog, but for several months now he’s had problems with his back legs.

Jaci Jones was amazed at the difference she saw in him after purchasing a Canine Magnetix collar at Crufts 2019.

Jaci shares,

“After his daily walk he’s been going straight into his bed and only getting up, with difficulty, for a drink, and he’s spent most of the day in bed.

I bought him the Canine Magnetix collar recently at Crufts and I’m totally amazed at the difference it has already made, it was almost instantly.

He’s now back to wanting to play and mooch around outside, which he hasn’t done for a long time. It’s remarkable what the collar has done for my boy.

I would highly recommend it! Thank you Canine Magnetix”

Do you have a dog similar to Milo and you’d like to know more about the Canine Magnetix collars? Click here.

For more information or advice, please feel free to contact us at or call 01270 584 564.

Please note magnetic therapy is a complementary therapy. If you’re concerned about your dog, please consult a vet first.

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