Meet Poppy and find out how a magnetic dog collar has helped with her arthritis…

Poppy and Alexis
Poppy jumping a style
Poppy jumping a style

‘My little lab Poppy (who’s 13 years old) can’t take pain relief because she has colitis, her stomach can’t tolerate drugs. She was wearing a magnetic collar but I decided to put her in one of yours because it has 4 magnets.

Shocked today, after wearing it for 10 days, this happened. She jumped over a style!

I’m over the moon with her offering the behaviour. I go back each time to lift her over, but she is over before I get back to her!’ ~ Alexis Kay and Poppy

Poppy enjoying agility
Poppy enjoying agility in her earlier career



Does your dog suffer from arthritis?

A Canine Magnetix dog collar may help. If you’ve not used magnetic therapy before here’s some information on how it can help your dog.

Poppy is wearing the medium size Canine Magnetix magnetic dog collar.


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