Magnets for Dogs

James and Bev Amor and gang wearing their magnetic coats

Overview of Magnetic Therapy

It can be very confusing with all the different therapy product available on the market today. Magnets have been used for centuries and in many countries all over the world.

Since we started the business in 2011 we’ve received 100’s of reviews and testimonials from customers either on our website or Facebook page. Dogs seem to react really well to this treatment and sometimes you can see how they relax when wearing a magnetic dog coat or magnetic collar.

How does magnetic therapy work?

It’s thought that the magnetic field produced by the magnet penetrates muscle and soft tissue, relaxing capillary walls therefore improving blood flow and oxygen around the body which helps to heal.

Magnets also help the body to produce endorphins which is our natural pain killer.

Magnets themselves do not heal, however they do provide the best environment for healing to take place.

How can magnets help my dog?

Depending on the condition or injury magnets can help in a number of ways.

They can be used to help pre and post exercise to reduce stiffness and improve suppleness and flexibility so ideal for a sporting dog.

If your dog has a condition such as arthritis magnets can help to make your dog feel more comfortable. Read Ella’s story.

Our products are often recommended by vets, physiotherapists, McTimoney practitioners, massage therapists and hydrotherapists.

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