Magnetic Horse Rugs: Why You Need One And Where To Find Them

Magnetic Horse Rug

Considering investing in a magnetic horse rug for your horse? If not, it’s time to start.

These magnetic rugs offer a range of benefits for your horse, keeping them as safe and as healthy as possible.

Read on to learn more about what magnetic horse rugs are, and the positive effects your horse can gain when they wear them during workouts or while travelling.

What Are Magnetic Horse Rugs?

Magnetic horse rugs are gaining traction in the equine market, and with good reason — they’re a great way to support your horse during times of recovery or stress.

These rugs are lightweight for your horse, and they’re lined with strategically placed magnets that create a tailored magnetic field around your horse.

When these magnets make contact with your horse’s body, they encourage blood flow regulation and a range of other benefits.

Horse rugs are designed to be comfortable and breathable for your horse. And with a lightweight magnetic rug, they often won’t even notice they’re wearing one!

Benefits Of Horse Rugs: Before Or After A Workout

If you’re looking for a way to support your horse before or after vigorous activity, be sure to reach for a magnetic horse rug. Here’s why:

Rejuvenating rest and recovery

The blood flow benefits associated with magnetic horse rugs can be incredibly helpful to your equine friend, encouraging a more comfortable and productive pre- or post-workout experience.

Blood flow regulation reduces the strain on your horse’s cardiovascular system and keeps them in prime condition for whatever their next activity holds.

This type of regulation also encourages increased oxygenation to key areas of your horse’s body, helping them to perform at their very best each time you ride.

Pain and tension release

Much like people, horses can experience pain or discomfort after high activity periods. Pains can also naturally occur as the horse ages. The blood flow regulation associated with magnetic horse rugs can work to release muscle tension.

Benefits Of Magnetic Horse Rugs: While Travelling

Reducing the risk of stiffness and promoting faster recovery

Making sure your horse is comfortable whilst travelling is going to be your number one priority. Travelling can be physically demanding on your equine companion, leading to muscle fatigue and stiffness.

Using magnetic horse rugs during periods of inactivity (such as when your horse is resting either on the wagon or trailer), can help to reduce stiffness.

This is particularly helpful for eventers when they’re resting between disciplines, helping them to perform at their best when it’s their time to shine.

Equestrians often report when they use the magnetic rug whilst travelling on the journey home, their horses unload without showing signs of stiffness.

Encouraging calmness and relaxation

Some horses do not travel as well as others, and this is where a magnetic rug can help.

The application of magnetic fields on your horse’s body can help to reduce stress and promote relaxation during transportation. Luckily, our magnetic horse rug can directly support your horse’s physical and mental state in these stressful situations, helping them to recover quickly.

Supporting oxygenation and cortisol regulation

During times of stress, your horse might tax their adrenals — leading to cortisol and adrenaline dumps that can exacerbate the panic that they’re feeling.

These experiences can be far more frequent to encounter with routine travel or road trips, especially if you’ve got a nervous pony.

Magnetic horse blankets use magnetic fields to promote and regulate the body’s natural circulatory system processes, boosting blood flow and oxygenation in your horse.

This oxygen support can rejuvenate your horse’s tissues and work to balance the body naturally, bringing them back to a point of homeostasis.

Equestrians Are Seeing The Difference: Exploring The Magnetic Horse Rug Before And After

We understand that you want to give your equine the very best — which is why we’ve taken the time to perfect the magnetic horse rug design and magnetic technology.

Our customers can’t get enough of the positive effects they’re seeing, and we hope to see other horse owners experience the same.

Meet Archie & Sarah

Archie relaxing in this magnetic rug on the wagon

Sarah shares ‘I’ve owned Lord Archie for five years, and in that time we have qualified for numerous BD regionals and area festivals, BD-combined training championships, and Riding Club championships — including winning the team Combined Training championships this year.

He is a true all-rounder competing in SJ and eventing but mainly dressage up to advanced medium level.

I first bought the rug for another horse who had sacroiliac issues, and have since used the rug on all of my horses. My horses all travel in the rug to ensure they arrive at competitions in tip-top condition. I also use it before and after work to help increase circulation and aid recovery.

As it’s a light mesh material, it’s ideal for using year-round as you can pop another rug over the top in winter. In summer you’re not worried about the horses overheating — and it keeps the flies off them too!

Overall, it’s one of the most used products I own!

Maximize Your Value With Magnetix

Looking into magnetic horse rugs for your high-performer? The team at Magnetix is here to help.

We’re the leading producer of magnetic horse rugs on the market, and launched our products after trying them on our own and our friend’s horses.

The difference was tremendous — and we knew we had to take this to market to change the lives of horses around the world.

Our products are vet- and equine physiotherapist-recommended, giving you the assurance that you’re working with a high-quality product.

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Disclaimer: This article is based on the opinions of the author. Magnetic Therapy is a complementary treatment and should not be used as a substitute for veterinary care. If you’re concerned about yourself, your horse or dog, please seek professional advice.