Magnetic Horse Rug – How to measure

Measuring your horse

We recommend using a rug that already fits your horse as a guide. Lie the rug flat on the floor and take the following two measurements:-

(A) This measurement is taken from the withers down to the base of the tail

(B) This measurement is taken from the centre of the chest to the end of your horse’s hind quarters (the longest length on the rug)

You’ll find our magnetic horse rug sizes with each measurement below.

Magnetic Rug Size (UK)(A) Back length (cm)(B) Body length (cm)Magnetic Blanket Size (US)

US Blanket Sizes

For US sizes, as the UK size increases in 3″ increments and not 2″ increments we advise ordering the next blanket size up. For eg. if your horse wears an 80″ horse blanket, then we suggest ordering an 81″ which is a 6’9 blanket.

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