Magnetic Dog Coats: Supporting Your Canine Companion’s Performance And Recovery

Demi & Squish Canicross

Magnetic dog coats have made quite a storm in the world of dog sports, providing advantages for high-performing sporting dogs before and after a session on the field. 

Below, we’ve created a comprehensive guide that highlights what you need to know about magnetic dog coats and their use pre- and post-exercise.

What is a magnetic dog coat? 

A magnetic dog coat is a coat or also known as a magnetic jacket that has strategically placed magnets sewn into the material. The magnets are positioned near major muscle groups and high stress points working in harmony to create a magnetic field that supports your dog’s body.

The magnetic dog coats are made with quality breathable mesh for maximum comfort and movability, as well as a fully adjustable chest strap and padded neckline. They offer quick-release clips to get your companion ready for their Canicross or other sporting event in seconds, and are machine-washable for easy care.

Demi & Squish Canicross

How does magnetic therapy work? 

Magnetic therapy, also known as magnet therapy or magnotherapy, is a complementary therapy that involves the use of static magnetic fields.

The human body, and also our dog’s body, generates it’s own magnetic field. By placing external magnets, such as those used in magnetic therapy, it’s believed that these magnets interact with the body’s natural magnetic field, bringing it back to homeostasis.

Exploring the benefits: How do magnetic dog coats help sporting dogs? 

When the magnetic dog coat is worn, the magnets sewn into the coat interact with your dog’s magnetic field. As a result, canines can experience enhanced oxygenation, accelerated healing from injury or strain, and a sense of calm due to the increased blood flow and endorphin release.

There are many benefits associated with magnetic therapy for your sporting dog. We’ve summarised each of them below:-

Pre & Post Exercise

The use of magnetic therapy promotes muscle relaxation, which can be valuable for both pre-exercise warm-up and post-exercise recovery. Relaxed muscles contribute to increased flexibility and decreased stiffness, potentially improving your sporting dog’s overall performance.

The physical strain of dog sports can leave their muscles, joints, and tissues fatigued. By using the magnetic coat pre-exercise, it can help to warm up your dog’s body, relaxing muscles and soft tissue.

When used after exercise the magnetic coat can help to relax your dog’s muscles and soft tissue, helping to reduce the time your dog needs to recover.

Injury Prevention 

Perhaps one of the most important functions of the magnetic dog coat is injury prevention which can play a vital role in your companion’s health.

Improved blood flow and oxygenation can have a positive effect on their musculoskeletal health, helping your dog to avoid injuries and strains.

We recommend using the magnetic coat at least 30 minutes pre-exercise and at least 60 minutes post-exercise.

Stress Reduction 

The toll of competition season can be taxing; both mentally and physically. Understanding this, and using a magnetic coat to aid in your dog’s recovery process can support your pet’s physical and mental well-being.

We often receive feedback that the magnetic coats help with anxiety.

Pain Relief

The endorphin release that can occur as a result of using the magnetic dog coat can offer a fast-acting analgesic effect, helping your dog to recover quickly from a competition or an intense workout. 

This effect is amplified by the oxygenation support that magnetic therapy offers, accelerating recovery and the healing process. 

Meet Demi and her dogs Squish & William

Demi and Squish compete in Canicross. We asked Demi how she uses the magnetic dog coat as part of her routine:-

I think it’s a vital bit of kit for canicross. We run 3/4 days a week, and Squish wears it post run for approx 30 mins. If we’ve travelled to a location, he’ll wear it in the van pre & post run and on race days he’ll wear it in the van to the race and straight after. 

On no running days Squish has it on for approx 30 mins in the evening, it seems to really chill him out actually. He might not need to have it those days but I figure it can’t hurt!

I also have a 11 year old crossbreed called William who’s got IVDD and arthritis, he has it on most days for about half an hour as well.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, magnetic dog coats have emerged as an important tool within the canine sporting community, providing invaluable support for your four-legged companions before and after exercise.

Incorporating a magnetic dog coat as part of your training routine can be a fantastic way to support your dogs short-term needs and their long-term health. 

Animal physiotherapists, veterinarians, and hydrotherapists recommend the use of a magnetic dog coat as they’re considered non-invasive, safe, and a drug-free method of support for your dog.

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