Keep your dog calm on Bonfire Night & New Year’s Eve

Zeta calmly watching fireworks while wearing her magnetic dog coat

Bonfire Night & New Year’s Eve are approaching. Do you have your Magnetix Dog Coat at the ready?

Although an unplanned benefit, it’s amazing how the magnets seem to have a calming effects on dogs. Thanks to Bev and James Amor who discovered it by chance, we’ve been able to share this information with others who’ve also seen the benefit and change in their dogs.

Bev shares ‘Those that know me well, know that I first bought one of these coats for our old dog that was showing signs of stiffness, well I just wanted to give everyone a heads up on what a difference Canine Magnetix Coats have made to my dogs and a friend’s dog with all the fireworks going on last night!

Both Rio & Zeta are normally a bit disturbed by the really loud bangs and there were lots last night round here. I put coats on before fireworks started last night, Rio just slept throughout the evening & Zeta watched them and was so happy.’

It’s like “Rate My Rocket” in here 😂 Zeta gets all excited and spins when she sees a decent one!  Thank God for Canine Magnetix… our dogs cope so much better at this time of year when they’re wearing their Magnetix armour! – James Amor

The Magnetic Dog Coat comes in 8 sizes from Terriers to Great Danes and caters for every breed in between. Available in blue and purple trim.

Magnetic Dog Coat with purple spots by Canine Magnetix
Magnetic Dog Coat with purple spots by Canine Magnetix

If you already have a Magnetix coat and you’ve seen the benefits for yourself, comment below we’d love to hear from you.

Or if you know a dog who struggles with fireworks please share this post and let their owner know about the difference it can make.

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Disclaimer: This article is based on the opinions of Magnetix Therapy Limited. The use of magnetic products is complementary and should not be used as a substitute for veterinary care. If you’re concerned about your horse or dog, please seek professional advice.

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