Is your horse cold backed?

Inik wearing his Equine Magnetix rug

What are the symptoms?

Does your horse flinch when you put the saddle on or when you tighten up his girth? Does he try and buck you off when you first get on or moves away? Is he reluctant to go forwards? These are some of the signs you may notice when you’re dealing with a cold backed horse.

Always seek professional advice

If you think your horse has a problem with his back you should contact your vet first. Once you’ve received a professional opinion you can decide how best to deal with the situation. Your horse might just be sensitive in his back.

You may be given a referral to an equine physiotherapist or chiropractor if he is sore. Also bear in mind that if you’ve not had your saddle checked for a while this may be the cause and you’ll need to get your saddle fitter involved.

What next?

Once everything has been ruled out there are things you can do to make you and your horse’s life a little easier.

  • If he reacts when girthed, tighten up the girth slowly and at intervals until he’s warmed up
  • Try lunging him first before you mount
  • You can also walk your horse around the arena for a short while before you get on
  • Always use a mounting block to relieve pressure on his back

How can a magnetic rug help?

Another option for warming up your horse’s muscles is to use a magnetic rug. If you use the rug prior to exercise this can really help the cold backed horse.

So how does it work? A magnetic field penetrates through the body and relaxes the capillary walls. Blood and oxygen flows more freely relaxing the muscles and surrounding soft tissue. As a result your horse becomes much looser and may be more accepting when you get on.

Meet Inik…

Inik is cold backed and since wearing his Equine Magnetix rug his owner Charl has noticed a massive difference.

Inik having a lovely rest wearing his Equine Magnetix rug
Inik having a lovely rest wearing his Equine Magnetix rug

‘I’d just like to thank you so much for offering such an amazing product.

My horse is so much easier to girth up and has really helped with his cold back issue.

When I get on I feel he is easier to warm up, and so much more soft relaxed and supple.

Since he’s been wearing his rug I feel that his work has come on leaps & bounds and I’m really enjoying working him.’

The magnetic rug from Equine Magnetix has over 80 fixed magnets treating the whole of your horse’s body. It can be used pre and post exercise and is ideal to use when travelling.

Would you like further advice?

If you would like any further information regarding the Equine Magnetix rug or Magnetic Therapy in general, then please get in touch. You can either comment on this post, message through Facebook or contact me directly on 01270 589 119.

Until the next time!


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