In the Spotlight – Meet Ruby

Janet and Ruby Spotlight - They work amazingly well and I've recommended them to a few people at the yard

Ruby has navicular and showing signs of stiffness and swellings

Ruby’s a 18 year old TB ex Polo horse who has navicular. In the winter she’s stabled at night and can get stiff in her back legs.

Her owner Janet describes it was painful to see and she wanted to try everything to make Ruby more comfortable.

A friend on the yard told me about your magnetic products, so I took a look at what was on offer. After reading up on magnets and if they worked or not it seemed like everyone had different opinions. I decided to just buy the bands in case they didn’t work and waste too much money

I’ve been using them now three winters on at night in the stable and decided even though it seemed to be her back legs that was stiff I would put them on her fronts as these were her navicular affected legs.

Ruby’s legs used to swell slightly, so Janet increased her supplement but she was still struggling in the stable in winter.

Janet says she wouldn’t be without the magnetic boots now as there’s no more swelling and no more stiffness in Ruby’s back legs in the mornings.

We bought some Magnetic Ankle Boots and I was so pleased at how less stiff she was in the mornings coming out of her stable. They work amazingly well and I’ve recommended them to a few people at the yard with stiffness issues.

Janet recently purchased the Magnetic Stable Boots for Ruby as this winter is really cold so she wanted to give her some extra warmth. One of her front legs unfortunately is worse with suspected arthritis.

Here’s a recent picture of Ruby and Janet together jumping. They went cross country with the thought of just playing in the water.

Janet said her aim was to canter over this small jump just like a raised canter pole but Ruby actually jumped!

‘We were totally amazed she would even have attempted to lift her front legs like she did rather than just canter over it.’

Ruby must be feeling great!

Want to know more about Ruby’s Magnetic Boots?

Ruby wears the magnetic ankle boots and magnetic stable boots. To find out more click on the images below.

Magnetic Ankle Boots
Magnetic stable boots in blue by Equine Magnetix
Magnetic Stable Boots

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Disclaimer: This article is based on the opinions of the author and owner/carer. Magnetic Therapy is a complementary treatment and should not be used as a substitute for veterinary care. If you’re concerned about your horse, please seek professional advice.

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