In the Spotlight – A tribute to Bailey

A Tribute to Bailey - The collar worked very quickly. I noticed a huge difference within a week. It was almost like a miracle.

This is a very special ‘In the Spotlight’ this week. I’d like you to meet Bailey.

Bailey was 12 years old when he crossed over to rainbow bridge in October 2020.

I first ‘met’ Karen and Bailey in June 2018 when Bailey got his first magnetic collar for his birthday.

Since then, he was treated to a new magnetic collar on birthdays and Christmas.

Bailey wearing his blue magnetic dog collar

Here’s Karen and Bailey’s story:

‘I got wee Bailey when he was only a few months old. He was a black lab. He was full of fun, love and mischief. He loved life. Enjoyed his daily walks, enjoyed his food and his treats. He had a bed in every room in the house. He was such a loyal and faithful companion and my soulmate.

Everyone knew Bailey by name. He became unwell in October 2020 and the vet discovered he had an internal bleed along with a massive tumour on his spleen. The family especially me miss the bones of him. He was my bestie.

When Bailey was around 9 years old, I noticed he was getting a bit stiff especially after a long sleep. He was beginning to struggle a bit going up and down stairs. Although determined I thought I had to search for something before having to resort to medication. I discovered Canine Magnetix online thankfully.

I googled ‘treatment for dogs who were getting a bit stiff even though still young’ and Canine Magnetix popped up.

The collar worked very quickly. I noticed a huge difference within a week. He was racing up and down stairs and enjoying playing and running about with his doggie friends. It was almost like a miracle!’

Thank you so much to Karen and Bailey for spreading the word and helping so many other dogs enjoy their lives too.

Run free Bailey!💙


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