How magnetic boots can help pre and post exercise

Sir Arthur competing

Sir Arthur (Stable name Arthur) is a 14 year old Irish sports horse owned by Roma.

‘Hi Sam here is a photo of myself and my boy (Sir Arthur) we are competing at our first ever pet plan area festival. We had only been competing since the beginning of the year.

Arthur wearing his magnetic boots

We wear our hock boots before and after competing as I feel it helps with his warm up and cool down. We love them. He also wears the overreach boots. We love those two. Thank you for your amazing products’.

To find out more about our magnetic hock boots and magnetic overreach boots click on the images below.

Magnetic hock boots in cyan by Equine MagnetixMagnetic bell boots in cyan by Equine Magnetix

How can magnetic boots help?

Magnetic boots can be used on horse and ponies to help promote healing and for preparing your horse for exercise and as part of your cool down routine.

Use 30 minutes to an hour prior to exercise to warm up your horse’s muscles and around 30 minutes after exercise during cool down.

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    3 thoughts on “How magnetic boots can help pre and post exercise

    1. Maria Marsden says:

      My horse has arthritis in her hocks, using the magnetic hock boots has made a difference. She is a lot more free in her movement and not tripping half as much. I’m that pleased, just saving to buy the magnetic stable rug.

    2. Sam Gilhooley says:

      Hi Ash, I am so sorry, I have just seen your question. I would advise at least a 30 minute break after racing before putting the rug on to aid with recovery. You can use the rug when your horse is wet. Best wishes, Sam

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