Does your horse suffer with arthritic hocks?

H and Nikee

Our Featured Horse of the week is H, owned by Nikee.  H is 12 years old and suffers with arthritic hocks.

H and Nikee
H and Nikee

Nikee says ‘H has very arthritic hocks and was lame, but after having them medicated she is now competing at riding club and BE and doing really well.

I assist her by using your magnetic hock boots for periods when stabled and after hard work! I find they help her a lot.’

Many thanks Nikee for sending in such a lovely photo of you and H and we’re really pleased she is doing so well.


Do you have a horse suffering from arthritis? Magnetic boots can help reduce stiffness and make your horse more comfortable.  Find out more about the Equine Magnetix Hock Boots as worn by H!

Magnetic hock boots in cyan by Equine Magnetix Magnetic hock boots in lilac by Equine Magnetix

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