Does your horse have joint stiffness?

Ted and Sally competing at their recent qualifier

Our Featured Horse this week is Ted

Ted is a Irish Sports Horse and Sally & Ted have been together for 5 years.  He’s been wearing his Equine Magnetix Stable Boots since last year and here’s the feedback we received from Sally…

Ted & Sally competing at their recent qualifier
Ted & Sally competing at their recent qualifier

‘I would just like to let you know my horse has responded really well to having magnetic boots. He is 18 years young and was becoming really stiff.

Using the boots combined with joint supplement and more turn out we have just qualified for the riding club national championships for the festival of the horse (XC challenge) at Aston le walls 30th May!

He has a new lease of life, I am very happy !! In fact I will be ordering another pair soon !!’

Thank you to Sally & Ted for sending in such a lovely photo and for getting in touch. We wish you the best of luck for the championships at the end of the month!!!

Click here for more information about the Equine Magnetix Stable Boots as worn by Ted!

Magnetic stable boots in cyan by Equine Magnetix Magnetic stable boots in purple by Equine Magnetix


3 thoughts on “Does your horse have joint stiffness?

  1. Rachael Butler says:

    Hi my young horse has just been diagnosed with ring bone on her front coffin joints and low grade arthritis in her back fetlocks. I have been looking at your magnetic boots and the bell boots sound idea for her fronts but would you also recommend the ankle boots for the back and if so do they wear them at the same time?
    Rachael Butler

    • Sam Gilhooley says:

      Hi Rachael, many thanks for your question. The ankle boots would definitely be a better choice on the hind legs and they can be worn on the fore and hind at the same time. If you need any further help, just let me know. Best wishes, Sam

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