Do magnets have to cover the area?

Questions and Answers: Do magnets have to cover the area?

This is a great question that we were asked this week by one of our lovely customers.

The answer is… not necessarily!

Here’s What We Know

We advise wherever possible to purchase an item which will cover the area however, it’s not always necessary and not always possible.

I’m going to use two examples to demonstrate what I’ve experienced personally.

Meet Ella

This is my lovely chocolate labrador Ella who was diagnosed with arthritis in her elbows and right hock when she was 12 months old. You can read more about Ella’s Story.

Ella's had superb results with her magnetic collar. She's a tail wagging testimony!
Ella’s had superb results with her magnetic collar. She’s a tail wagging testimony!

She’s 11 now and when I first started using the magnetic collar on her I couldn’t believe the stiffness went away.

After rest she used to hold her right leg up and it would take some time before she was happy to stretch it out and put her full weight back on it.

She’s been wearing a magnetic collar for 10 years and has never been stiff in her right hock since.

Meet Annie

Annie was my first horse, a beautiful 17.2h Cleveland Bay mare. Unfortunately she passed away in August 2013 but as with all our fur babies her memory lives on.

Towards the latter stages of her life she became more accident prone and took a tumble in the arena one day.

You could just tell she wasn’t right. The vet came out to see her and we were at the stage of nerve blocking.

Still not knowing where the injury was located I decided to put the magnetic ankle boots on her. At the time these were the only boot we had in the range to fit her!

As soon as I put them on she moved away from her hay (this was unusual as she loved her food) and Annie went into a semi comatose state for about 20 minutes.

Following a visit to the vets, we discovered she’d injured her stifle. The endorphins she was experiencing that day from the magnetic boots had given her some relief and… they were positioned around her pastern!

Do you have a similar story?

We’d love to hear if you have, so please feel free to comment below.

Until the next time!

Sam 💗

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