Do magnets create heat?

Questions and Answers: Do magnets create heat?

This is a great question! Welcome to our Q&A this week.

And the answer is No.

I want you to type into google ‘Do static magnets create heat?’ What comes up? Nothing… Nada, it’s a myth based on misleading marketing!

The only type of magnets that creates heat is electromagnetic which is a powerful therapy and used for short durations.

So if a static magnet doesn’t create heat, what does it do?

The magnetic field creates an environment for healing, improving blood flow and oxygen around the body.

I’ve witnessed a horse wearing our magnetic horse rug with 84 neodymium magnets 2,000 gauss having a small sweat patch on only one area of its body.

This isn’t the magnet creating heat but the body’s own reaction.

Can static magnets be worn 24/7?

We’ve designed the magnetic pastern wraps to be used all the time. The only reason we recommend to take them off is to check your horse’s legs and give them a short daily break from the magnetic boots.

Our magnetic dog collars are designed to be worn 24/7 too. When I take the collar off my own dog Ella, both her neck or her magnetic collar do not feel hot.

And what about dogs needing to wear the magnetic dog coat for long periods of time? Some dogs benefit from wearing the coat longer than others.

They sometimes wear it overnight and in some instances 24/7 if they need to.

I’ve created a table below based on each of the products in the range with the recommended usage time.

The timings below are a guideline.

Product Type – click on the product links for further infoUse for
Magnetic Horse Rug12 hrs
Magnetic Stable Boots12 hrs
Magnetic Hock Boots12 hrs
Magnetic Pastern Wraps24 hrs
Magnetic Bell Boots12 hrs
Magnetic Dog Collar24 hrs
Magnetic Dog Coat12-24 hrs
EazeAway Magnetic Clip24 hrs

For horse owners, if you put the magnetic rug or boots on at 7pm at night and you’re not on the yard until 8am, this is absolutely fine.

And whilst our magnetic rug is recommend for 12 hour use, they’ve been worn by horses travelling from the UK to Spain in the summer. The magnets haven’t heated up simply because… they can’t.

They don’t create any friction between the polarities to create any heat.

I often find customers feeling very confused about all the information on the internet regarding different magnetic products, and most of it’s marketing spin and not based on true facts.

So, here’s a great example of how magnets can actually do the opposite!

Cole’s owner got in touch with us the following day to say ‘I tried them again this morning to see if it was a fluke but exactly the same response!’

So, if you were told traditional magnets create heat, I hope I’ve been able to dispel this myth and clear up any misunderstandings.

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Disclaimer: This article is based on the opinions of the Magnetix Therapy Limited. The use of magnetic products is complementary and should not be used as a substitute for veterinary care. If you’re concerned about yourself, your horse or dog, please seek professional advice.

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