Care Instructions

Care Instructions for looking after your magnetic products

We’re regularly asked about how to take care of Magnetix Therapy products.

Can you wash the magnets?

Whether we recommend machine or hand wash the neodymium magnets will not be affected by water or detergents.

Depending on which product you’ve purchased we’ve a dropdown menu below. Just click on the arrow on the left hand side and this will reveal the care instructions for you.

Care Instructions

Magnetic horse rug in blue trim by Equine MagnetixThe Equine Magnetix® rug is machine washable at 30 degrees.

Protect in a washbag, use mild detergent and line dry.

As this rug is made out of lightweight mesh material, it doesn’t take too long to dry (which is a bonus in the winter months!).

Magnetic stable boots in blue by Equine Magnetix

Ideally the magnetic boots are best washed by hand.

However if you want to use a washing machine select a hand wash setting.

Protect in a washbag and line dry.  Always use mild detergent.

We strongly recommend removing any debris from the hook and loops straps on a regular basis to ensure their longevity.

Magnetic Dog Coat with blue spots by Canine Magnetix

The Canine Magnetix®  Dog Coat can be machine washed at 30°C.

Use a washbag and mild detergent.

As it’s made of a lightweight mesh material it won’t take long to dry.

We recommend line dry only.

Blue magnetic dog collar

The Canine Magnetix® Dog Collar is best washed by hand.

If you decide to machine wash please select a hand wash setting and place in a washbag.

Line dry only.

EazeAway Magnetic Clip made of soft leather with two strong neodymium magnets.

The EazeAway® Magnetic Clip really doesn’t need much care and attention.

Simply wipe clean to keep it in tip top condition.

Always remember to remove from clothing before putting in the washing machine otherwise your clip could go for an unplanned wash and spin!

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