Care Instructions – Equine Magnetix Rugs and Boots

Magnetic neck piece in cyan by Equine Magnetix

One of the most popular questions I’m asked is how to look after the Equine Magnetix rugs and boots. Here’s some information on how to keep them clean and performing at their best.

Magnetic Rugs

Magnetic horse rug in blue trim by Equine Magnetix

The magnetic rug is machine washable at 30 degrees. Protect in a wash bag, use mild detergent and line dry. As the rug is made out of lightweight mesh material, it doesn’t take too long to dry (which is great in the winter months).

Magnetic Boots

Ideally the magnetic boots are best washed by hand, however if you want to use a washing machine select a hand wash setting, protect in a wash bag and line dry.  Always use mild detergent.


One question I get asked regularly is will washing the boots affect their magnetic performance? Not at all.  The magnets are protected in the magnetic rug and boots so as long as you use a wash bag they’re going to be well protected.

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