Can magnets be worn whilst exercising?

Questions and Answers: Can magnets be worn whilst exercising?

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We’re often asked this question and depending on whether it’s about your horse, dog or you’re wanting to know for yourself, we’ve got you covered!

Magnets and Exercise – Horses

So when we’re asked this question we generally say no for a couple of reasons.

  • The Equine Magnetix range is designed whilst your horse is at rest with the exception of the magnetic ankle boots which can be used for turnout. Your horse can wear the magnetic rug and boots whilst travelling.
  • Magnetic products for horses are best used before and after exercise for preparation and recovery of the muscles and soft tissue.

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Magnets and Exercise – Dogs

For dogs it’s a little different than for horses.

  • The magnetic dog collar is best worn 24/7 and there are no contraindications for your dog wearing the magnetic collar whilst playing or competing in sport such as agility or flyball.
  • The best time to use the magnetic dog coat is whilst your dog is at rest or if they’re being walked on a lead. It’s advisable not to allow your dog to race around whilst wearing the coat.

Magnets and Exercise – For You

The Magnetic EazeAway Clip is designed to be used at rest and whilst exercising. We’ve many horse and dog owners wearing the clip whilst competing.

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Disclaimer: This article is based on the opinions of the Magnetix Therapy Limited. The use of magnetic products is complementary and should not be used as a substitute for veterinary care. If you’re concerned about yourself, your horse or dog, please seek professional advice.

2 thoughts on “Can magnets be worn whilst exercising?

  1. Margi Strombeck says:

    I am interested in a coat and maybe a collar for my Standard Poodle. Can they be used at the same time? He has disc herniation in his neck. I was recommended to you by Ruth Claus Wilke. It says the coat I need is out of stock. Is mid Feb. still your re-stock date?

    • Sam Gilhooley says:

      Hi Margi, thanks very much for getting in touch. You can use the magnetic coat and collar at the same time. I do for my own dog Ella. Yes, we have some stock arriving in mid Feb. If you would like to go on the reservations list, just let me know. Best wishes, Sam

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