Blue has arthritis and hip dysplasia – ‘the difference it’s made to him is unbelievable!’

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK – Canine Magnetix Dog Collar

It’s Sam here from Canine Magnetix. I had the privilege to meet Blue before and after he started wearing his magnetic collar. The difference it’s made to him is unbelievable!

Blue has arthritis and hip dysplasia
Blue wearing his Canine Magnetix Dog Collar

This is what his owner Maraide has to say…

I would never of believed that a magnetic collar would of made so much positive difference to my boy’s life.

Blue has been wearing a Canine Magnetix collar for the last 8 days and I had been noticing how much more comfortable he was in himself however today Blue had to go for bloods at my vets.
The normal procedure, as Blue can be very sensitive at being touched and panic’s easily, is 5 days worth of natural calmer for us to be able to get near him. Well I didn’t have time to do this and thankfully was not needed. We were able to get a urine and blood sample from Blue without stress!

I am shocked!! I am shocked at the effect that the collar has had on Blue. Blue is 12 years old and has Arthritis and hip dysplasia and looks brilliant. I am able to touch him on his back and legs with comfort…

I wish I could of put Blue in a collar many years ago, next a matching Canine Magnetix coat. x”

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