Magnetic Hock Boots for Equine Bone Spavin and Hock Arthritis

Milly and Christine - Magnetic Hock Boots

If you have a horse, it’s crucial that you know about the types of health conditions they can experience. For instance, bone spavin and hock arthritis are two degenerative orthopedic conditions seen in horses that can impact their performance, comfort and overall well-being.  These issues target the hock joints and symptoms can include stiffness, swelling […]

Magnetic Dog Coats: Supporting Your Canine Companion’s Performance And Recovery

Demi & Squish Canicross

Magnetic dog coats have made quite a storm in the world of dog sports, providing advantages for high-performing sporting dogs before and after a session on the field.  Below, we’ve created a comprehensive guide that highlights what you need to know about magnetic dog coats and their use pre- and post-exercise. What is a magnetic […]

Magnetic Horse Rugs: Why You Need One And Where To Find Them

Magnetic Horse Rug

Considering investing in a magnetic horse rug for your horse? If not, it’s time to start. These magnetic rugs offer a range of benefits for your horse, keeping them as safe and as healthy as possible. Read on to learn more about what magnetic horse rugs are, and the positive effects your horse can gain […]

Enhancing Agility Performance: The Benefits of a Magnetic Dog Coat

Agility dogs are remarkable athletes, known for their speed and precision in navigating obstacle courses. To support their physical well-being and optimise their performance, innovative solutions such as magnetic dog coats have gained attention in the world of dog sports. In this article, we explore how magnetic dog coats can provide numerous advantages for agility […]