Care Instructions – Equine Magnetix Rugs and Boots

Magnetic neck piece in cyan by Equine Magnetix

One of the most popular questions I’m asked is how to look after the Equine Magnetix rugs and boots. Here’s some information on how to keep them clean and performing at their best. Magnetic Rugs The magnetic rug is machine washable at 30 degrees. Protect in a wash bag, use mild detergent and line dry. […]

The benefits of wearing the Equine Magnetix rug for just one hour a day

Maggie's the best she's ever been!

EQUINE MAGNETIX RUG – Customer Feedback ‘Hi just wanted to say I imported a rug and neck cover from you earlier this year and love it. My mare has it on for an hour a day. Last week at the New Zealand horse of the year show she came runner up inhand pinto saddle Hunter […]

How magnetic boots can help pre and post exercise

Sir Arthur competing

Sir Arthur (Stable name Arthur) is a 14 year old Irish sports horse owned by Roma. ‘Hi Sam here is a photo of myself and my boy (Sir Arthur) we are competing at our first ever pet plan area festival. We had only been competing since the beginning of the year. We wear our hock boots […]

Magnetic Hock Boots help with swelling & stiffness

Nikki & Maille competing side saddle

Nikki Louise Johnson explains how the Equine Magnetix Hock Boots have helped her 5 year old horse Mallie… ‘I have been using the Equine Magnetix hock boots for a number of months now and have already seen improvements in a couple of the horses I mainly use them on, each having a different ailment to […]

When choosing a magnetic rug – it’s all about the magnets!

Magnetic horse rug with navy spots and cyan trim by Equine Magnetix

With prices ranging from £100-£300 it can cause a lot of confusion for people researching which magnetic rugs are the best value on the market. What do we recommend? Our advice would be when you are looking to buy a magnetic rug choose a rug with neodymium magnets. There are a few magnetic products on […]

Does your horse have joint stiffness?

Ted and Sally competing at their recent qualifier

Our Featured Horse this week is Ted Ted is a Irish Sports Horse and Sally & Ted have been together for 5 years.  He’s been wearing his Equine Magnetix Stable Boots since last year and here’s the feedback we received from Sally… ‘I would just like to let you know my horse has responded really well to having magnetic […]