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Meet Piper who’s showing signs of stiffness…

Piper wearing her Canine Magnetix Dog Coat

Here’s what Piper’s owner Jodie shared with us today… ‘Hi, just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the quality and fit of your coats. My 13 year old collie Piper seems very happy with her new coat. She is a retired Agility dog who is still very active but beginning to suffer a little stiffness after long periods of rest.

Magnetic Hock Boots help with swelling & stiffness

Nikki & Maille competing side saddle

Nikki Louise Johnson explains how the Equine Magnetix Hock Boots have helped her 5 year old horse Mallie… ‘I have been using the Equine Magnetix hock boots for a number of months now and have already seen improvements in a couple of the horses I mainly use them on, each having a different ailment to […]

Magnetic Therapy helps Walta recover from knee injury

Meet Walta, our featured horse this week Walta’s future was uncertain and even a month after his knee injury there was still significant swelling. After spending two weeks wearing his magnetic ankle boots his carer noticed the swelling started to go down. A month later we received the following feedback from his carer… ‘We have seen a huge improvement, almost […]