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Magnetic Ankle Boots, a life changer for Hummer

Meet the lovely Hummer who’s a 22 year old Belgian Draft. His owner Gemma has had Hummer for 10 years and it’s a warming story how they met. I went to try another horse and saw this very overweight sad looking horse in the field. The lady who owned him hadn’t ridden or done anything […]

Magnetic Stable Boots – Meet Minuet

Magnetic Stable Boots - Minuet

This week’s ‘In the Spotlight’ feature is Minuet, a beautiful 25 year old TB x Hanoverian. Here’s Minuet’s story in her owner Amy Currie’s words… ‘I’ve had Minuet 21 years. I originally had her on loan with view to buy from an old friend. I ended up buying her! In October 2019 Minuet went lame, […]

In the Spotlight – Meet Ruby

Janet and Ruby Spotlight - They work amazingly well and I've recommended them to a few people at the yard

Ruby has navicular and showing signs of stiffness and swellings Ruby’s a 18 year old TB ex Polo horse who has navicular. In the winter she’s stabled at night and can get stiff in her back legs. Her owner Janet describes it was painful to see and she wanted to try everything to make Ruby […]