Magnetic Ankle Boots, a life changer for Hummer

Meet the lovely Hummer who’s a 22 year old Belgian Draft. His owner Gemma has had Hummer for 10 years and it’s a warming story how they met. I went to try another horse and saw this very overweight sad looking horse in the field. The lady who owned him hadn’t ridden or done anything […]

How magnetic boots have helped Dudley

Meet Dudley the horse - he's now less stiff and happier in himself

Our ‘In the Spotlight’ feature this week is Dudley! Dudley has been with Jen about 5 years as he was left to her when his owner passed away. They hack, show jump (70/75) and Hunter trials. He also enjoys a ‘fling’ in the field and his field mates wonder where the fire is… but he […]

In the Spotlight – A tribute to Bailey

A Tribute to Bailey - The collar worked very quickly. I noticed a huge difference within a week. It was almost like a miracle.

This is a very special In the Spotlight feature. I’d like you to meet Bailey.

Bailey crossed over to rainbow bridge in October 2020. For the last 3 years of his life he wore a magnetic dog collar and it helped him tremendously. Read Bailey’s story here.

Should I buy a magnetic collar or dog coat?

Questions and Answers: Should I buy a dog collar or dog coat?

We’re asked this question often and I hope in this post we’re able to answer this for you.
It really depends on your dog’s circumstances.

We go into lots of detail here, so if you’re unsure about which product to choose click on this article and read more.

Magnetic Stable Boots – Meet Minuet

Magnetic Stable Boots - Minuet

This week’s ‘In the Spotlight’ feature is Minuet, a beautiful 25 year old TB x Hanoverian. Here’s Minuet’s story in her owner Amy Currie’s words… ‘I’ve had Minuet 21 years. I originally had her on loan with view to buy from an old friend. I ended up buying her! In October 2019 Minuet went lame, […]

Meet Storm, Matilda and Marshall modelling their magnetic dog coats!

Storm, Matilda and Marshall in the Spotlight - Have all benefited from their magnetic dog coats

This week’s ‘In the Spotlight’ is a gorgeous, triple fluffy dose! Meet the lovely Storm, Matilda and Marshall. Their owner Lynette bought Storm and Matilda a magnetic dog coat some time ago. This was a preventative measure as the breed is susceptible to arthritis and lameness problems. Both Storm and Matilda are doing well and […]

What’s the difference between Magnetic Bell Boots and Ankle Boots?

Questions and Answers: What's the difference between the bell boots and ankle boots?

This question comes up periodically and it’s difficult sometimes to know which magnetic boot is best. We can help you find the right product for your horse. I hope the information below helps guide you through the minefield out there. When a customer asks me ‘Which one should I choose, the magnetic bell boots or […]

In the Spotlight – Meet Holly May

Holly May Spotlight - These boots have made such a difference, reduced swelling in her legs and moves a lot more freely

I’d love you to meet Holly May.

She’s a 20 yo Gypsyvanner Cob who’s been struggling a little with stiffness and swellings in her legs.

Her owner hadn’t tried magnets before.

Find out about the difference it’s made to Holly.

In the Spotlight – A tribute to Jazz

In the Spotlight featuring Jazz - Within three days she'd changed dramatically, was back to playing with the others and happy

The magnetic dog coat made such a positive impact on her life. This is a very personal tribute… I’d like you to meet Jazz.  Jazz crossed over the rainbow bridge in the morning of the 20th November 2017. I met her a couple of times. Once at an agility show at Dig It Dogs in […]