I’d like to share with you a little history on how Magnetix Therapy began and why I believe our magnetic products can help your horse and dog…

How Magnetix Therapy Started

The idea of starting a Magnetic Therapy business came about because of my lovely Chocolate Labrador Ella. Sadly, Ella was diagnosed with arthritis in her elbows when she was only 12 months old. You can read more about Ella’s story here.

I cannot tell you the difference I saw in Ella and I just felt compelled to start up a Magnetic Therapy business.  I was in full time employment working in International Sales so I was travelling all over the world but I just knew I had to start my own business.  At the time I had my own horse Annie (who has since sadly passed away) but she was instrumental in helping me set up Magnetix Therapy and was my chief product tester!

equine-magnetix-rugsI began selling a few magnetic products and started to receive really positive feedback from my horsey friends. That was all I need to get things moving, I just knew I had to launch the Equine Magnetix range. Within 12 months I gave up my job and went into the business full time and I’ve not looked back.

We’ve been in business since 2013 and the feedback I receive from people is overwhelming.  In 2016 we launched the Canine Magnetix range and we know there are so many horses and dogs out there hugely benefiting from Magnetic Therapy. And, over the last twelve months.  We’ve more and more vets recommending the products alongside equine and canine physiotherapists. We also partner with canine hydrotherapy centres and sell our products world-wide.

I know your horse or dog can live a more comfortable and active life, so whether you’re looking to use magnetic therapy for an injury or condition or simply as part of your daily exercise routine, it’ll be one of the best investments you’ll make.

Most of our customer reviews can be found on each of the product pages on this website, in the Advice Area or on our Equine Magnetix and Canine Magnetix Facebook pages. They’re all independent reviews from our lovely customers who have taken the time to share their feedback and I thank them sincerely.

Best Wishes,

Sam xx
Magnetix Therapy Limited

To hear more about the company and how magnetic therapy can help your dog or horse, listen to my radio interview with Mollie Green from BBC WM.

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