‘My little dog stopped limping’… A tribute to Lucy

Lucy wearing her Canine Magnetix collar

‘Back in 2015, my little dog, Lucy, developed a slight limp which my Vet said was similar to the injuries Collies who do flyball suffer from. This made sense as she had been a great ball player.

I looked into medication to manage this potentially (at the time my dog was twelve years old). But at the same time, I heard folks in my work talking about magnetic collars for animals. I have to admit that I never tried or particularly believed in this sort of thing but I thought it was worth a try and if it worked for a while at least, I always had medication to fall back on later for her.

Anyway, I purchased a little collar for her and would not have believed the results had I not seen them for myself. From that day on until she passed away two years later, my little dog was never without her Canine Magnetix collar and never limped again.

I shall certainly not hesitate to both use and recommend the product in the future should the need arise.’

Susan Johnston

Lucy wearing her magnetic dog collar
‘I took this photo of her one day looking out into the garden – not intended to be product placement for you! – but it shows off your product beautifully!’

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